Exposed Weekly – Ukraine: It’s clear that this war is pointless

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Today an exclusive view behind the scenes with Russian troops. It is becoming increasingly clear that this war is pointless. The current situation in Ukraine is the result of years of mixing from the west. At the moment of this recording, Russian forces have completely taken control over the key town of Soledar, according to the Donetsk Republic forces’ announcement. Murad Gazdiev, accompanied by the Wagner fighters, got exclusive access to the city.

A warning to viewers, you may find some of the following images disturbing.

Gas Crisis Groningen

Prime Minister Rutte has ‘not made a difference’ for the people of Groningen in the gas extraction files.

This is the conclusion reached by the parliamentary committee of inquiry that has investigated gas extraction.
The prime minister has apologized several times for the course of events surrounding gas extraction. These apologies have not led to a substantial change that has benefited Groningen residents, the report says. The prime minister raises expectations, but then fails to live up to them.

The committee writes that the interests of the people of Groningen have been systematically ignored in gas extraction and that making money always took precedence over safety.

US House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries

US House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries tried to gloss over a direct question from journalist and activist Jose Vega about the alleged US involvement in the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines.
‘If what Seymour Hersh revealed is true this could end NATO, this could end geopolitical relations between US and Germany for a very long time, that’s why it cannot be discussed’, Vega said in an interview with RT.

Thousands march against mafia in Sicily.

Thousands marched through the Sicilian city of Bagheria to the town of Casteldaccia in a demonstration against the Italian Mafia. The march followed the ‘Strada del Vallone’, once a popular escape route for Mafia fugitives. The protesters demanded continued protection from the notorious criminal organizations that once controlled Sicily.