New Mega Prison – El Salvador

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El Salvador sends 2,000 more suspected gang members to new mega prison Half-naked men run through the hallways of El Salvador’s mega prison, under armed guard and infrared camera.

This is how over 2,000 suspected gang members will spend the rest of their lives.

The justice minister declared they ‘will never return’ to the streets. The government also requested another extension of the anti-gang emergency measure, which has seen over 65,000 people arrested during the 13-month crackdown.

Human rights groups have reported prisoner abuse and innocent people being swept up in police raids, but the government isn’t backing down.

President Bukele claimed on Twitter that ‘there are now 4,000 gang members in the world’s most criticized prison.’ The country’s legislature must still approve the extension of the anti-gang measures, but it is expected to do so.

The video underscores the government’s aggressive stance towards gangs and the measures it has taken to combat them